History of Gorilla Tourism

Over the past 100 years, mountain gorillas have had a quite history with numerous people and groups working together to ensure their survival in the jungle forests with in Africa. Their history dates back in 1902 when Robert Von Beringe a Germany captain and the first European observed the Mountain Gorillas on the Sabinyo Volcano which were later named Gorilla gorilla Beringei by Matschie in 1903. In 1925, an American naturalist named Carl Akeley convinced his Majesty Albert the king of Belgium to create Albert National Park which is the First National Park in Africa and its boundary was widened in 1929. George Schaller, who is an American zoologist in 1959 under took a basic study of the Mountain Gorillas of Albert National Park.

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Gorilla’s Rules

Before setting off for the gorilla trekking, you should put in mind the following rules so as to maintain eco tourism which contributes to the conservation of the gorilla habitats:

Gorilla trekking tips

About the trekking

Tracking takes place in altitudes of about 2500 meters above sea level. Thus trackers are advised to take their time. The reporting time for briefing and registration at the National park gate is at 8 in the morning.