Gorilla's families


Gorilla’s Families in Uganda

According to the last Mountain Gorilla Census in October 2011 carried out in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, there are 10 Habituated Gorilla families in the Park. Among these, only 9 are open for tourism and the remaining one called Kyaguriro group in Ruhija, is dedicated for Research purposes only.


Gorilla’s Families of Rwanda

Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is carried out in Volcanoes National Park.  In Rwanda, Gorilla’s families or groups are divided into two. There are those families which are for the study purposes and these are only accessed by scientists and researchers. These include: Beetsme, and Pablo’s Shida’s and have the largest number of individuals. There are also other groups which are open for tourism and as per now they are 10 habituated groups and only a limited number of 8 people is allowed to track a gorilla group per day. 


Gorilla Families in Virunga National Park in Congo

There are six mountain gorillas groups habituated and opened for tourism in Virunga National Park. The park also has two families of Eastern Lowland gorillas which are not yet opened for tourism. Below you find information about all the habituated mountain gorillas’ families. Currently as in July 2012 the national park is closed and gorilla tourism is suspended for the political unrest in the region of North Kivu in Congo DRC. The current situation is a serious threat to the conservation of the gorillas and already the history of this park and his gorillas is full of blood and sadness as you can also read through the stories.


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