Gorilla trekking tips

About the trekking

Tracking takes place in altitudes of about 2500 meters above sea level. Thus trackers are advised to take their time. The reporting time for briefing and registration at the National park gate is at 8 in the morning.

The trekking is in high mountain tropical forests, where the vegetation is thick and where the rain is a common phenomenon. It is advisable before the gorilla trekking, to have a minimum physical preparation and fitness.

We suggest you hire a “porter” at the starting of the trekking, who will carry for you the rucksack with water and other equipment so that you can walk free and easier. Porters are available for hire from the briefing point.

In case of any physical disability and walking difficulties, there are special solutions, including hiring a special service of a stretcher with porters and this can make the dream of seen the gorillas a reality. Everything is possible in the gorilla’s national parks and everyone has hope to accomplish his dream.

The time spent in the forest is not predictable, and trekking can last from a minimum of three hours up to eight or nine hours which is the whole day.


What to bring on a gorilla safari

Money for your personal expenses, strong waterproof walking boots and long socks which are comfortable for a mountain tropical forest (remember that one of the most common situations is to find the red ants along the trail), outfit with adapted colors for wildlife observation (Khaki clothes are most preferred), raingear, a few long-sleeve shirts, slippers, sweater for cool evenings, sun protection, hat, sunglasses, sun cream, video/photo camera, a 200 mm or longer lens is very useful, reserve batteries, films and a torch, insect repellants, binoculars, gloves to grip vegetation and it’s also best to have different layers of clothes since the temperatures tend to change.


What to wear on a gorilla trek safari

The wear should be loose, fitting and relaxed in style with warm clothing for the colder evening within the park and some at the lodges. Most hotels and lodges have laundry services at a reasonable price and so an excessive amount of clothing should be unnecessary.


About the gorilla permits

Gorilla permits are in high demand and need to be booked and paid in advance. Book your gorilla safari accordingly and avoid disappointment. Only when payments have been received by the Authorities (through the tour operator) then permits for gorilla tracking are purchased.

There are certain circumstances when the gorilla permits can be refunded: in case one person declares her sickness before starting the trekking, is entitled to be refunded half of the payment; in case one person does not see the gorillas during the trekking for reasons beyond her responsibility, he can be allowed to go back on the following day free of charge or can be refunded half of the permit. However if you cannot complete the trekking because of walk difficulties along the trail, there is no refund.



It is advisable at the end of the trekking to give some little tips to the ranger leader of the expedition.

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